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Grilled lamb tikka

Recipes in this category use a grill, griddle or a barbecue as the primary cooking method.

Barbecuing skewerless kebabs

What is Grilling or broiling?

Grilling or Broiling is the use of radiant heat for cooking, usually called grilling in Britain and broiling in America. Typically this is done in an electric oven, using only the upper heating element, with the door partially open. Gas ovens often provide a less-effective lower drawer for broiling. Grilling is used to retain the juices of meat while developing flavour. Broiling does not soften the fibres of tough meat. It is best used for tender meat and poultry.

Grill pan

A grill tray, grill pan, [broiling tray, broiling pan (USA/Canada)] is a tray or pan, usually anodised meta, containing a raised grill insert. They are used for grilling or broiling food under the grill part of a cooker.

What is a Griddle?

A griddle is a piece of cooking equipment. In the industrial world (e.g. restaurant kitchens), it is usually a flat plate of metal (usually made out of aluminium, stainless steel or cast iron) with some kind of heat source beneath it (gas, for example).

In the non-industrial world, and in traditional cultures, the griddle may be a stone or brick slab or tablet. It is used over an open flame, or on a stove, to cook many foods, including many flatbreads. It may be used with or without oil.

Foods often cooked on a griddle include pancakes, oatcakes, cheese, unleavened breads (roti or chapati), dosa and Welsh cakes.

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