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My spice cabinet uses Ikea's Kilner-style jars - The perfect way to keep spices fresh!

Don't buy those silly little glass bottles of spices at ridiculous prices, Hunt out your local Indian, Chinese, or ethnic food wholesaler such as Seewoo. There you will be able to buy a massive range of spices at a fraction of the supermarket price.

If you are do a fair bit of cooking with spices, you may want to get a coffee grinder to use specifically for grinding spices. Most spices start to lose their pungent effect and colour the moment they have been ground. Store your spices in airtight boxes (Lock&Lock boxes are perfect) and keep them out of the light.

Where to buy spices

Whilst I'm not a great fan of supermarkets, our local Morrisons has recently improved their spice selection, which, though nothing like as good as a large ethnic supplier, is now pretty impressive.

Try our recommended spice suppliers for those hard to find items.

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