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Taste Sensation Chilli and Lime Seasoning

I initially discovered how good the Taste Sensation range of products were while seeking out an alternative Taco Seasoning because my usual blend was no longer available.

I ordered the Taste Sensation Tex Mex Glaze Dry Rub directly from Amazon UK and was immensely impressed with it. So much so, I contacted Nick for some samples of his other products which I have been trying out in a range of recipes.

Most of their products are available from 250g pouches, ideal for the keen home cook, to 2.5 kg tubs and pouches for the professional cook. The high quality seasoning blends that have no added salt, sugar or flavour enhancers.

Their products are manufactured in compliance with Salsa Food Safety standards and conform to all current UK Food Regulations. [Salsa Site Code: 4192].

Jerry, aka Chef (talk) 17:53, 9 January 2020 (UTC)


A well balanced Mexican themed blend of green jalapeno chilli powder, lime juice powder and selected spices, with no added sugar, salt, flour or starch, that delivers an appetizing citrusy twang and a warming jalapeno smack. Great dusted/rubbed over poultry, meat and especially fish prior to roasting, grilling or barbecuing, also ideal to mix with olive oil to drizzle over salads and vegetables, or mixing into mayonnaise/houmous for a tasty twist to dips and sandwich filling ideas.


Concentrated lime juice Powder, Sweet Paprika, Tomato Powder, ground ginger, ground cinnamon, garlic granules, Onion Granules, Red Jalapeno Granules, Green Jalapeno Granules, ground cumin, Red Jalapeno Powder, Green Jalapeno Powder, Rubbed Coriander.

Price range

£3.95 – £23.99 [Jan 2020]

Available sizes

  • 250g Heat Sealed Pillow Pouch
  • 500g Heat Sealed Pillow Pouch
  • 1kg Heat Sealed Pillow Pouch
  • 1.8kg Heat Sealed Pillow Pouch
  • 2.5kg Heat Sealed Pillow Pouch
  • 2.5kg Catering Tub
  • 450g Heat Sealed Stand up Pouch
  • 950g Heat Sealed Stand up Pouch


Taste Sensation products available from Amazon UK

A large number of Taste Sensation's products can be bought directly from Amazon UK in 250g, 500g, 1kg and 1,8kg vacuum sealed packs.

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