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Old India Taco Seasoning (1kg pack)

I use my Tex-Mex Taco seasoning at least once a week so seem to get through lots of it! The last time I needed to make some, I did not have all of the ingredients so I thought I would try some of the ready-made alternatives. The Old El Paso product is very good, but ludicrously expensive in the small 25 gram packs so I looked for a quality alternative that I could buy in quantity.

Old India Taco Seasoning seems to fit the bill. It's £12.99 from Amazon for a 1kg pack, and usefully, it is packed the standard Amazon book-type flat package that means it can be popped through your letterbox if you're not around.

So far I've used it to make Beer can chicken, Tex-Mex potato wedges and on pork chops. I think its so good, I;ve started to use it as a condiment. It was also great last night on a potato salad!

It's not too hot, just nice and spicy with a nice texture and lots of separate flavours. Its's slightly sweet and fairly salty so you shouldn't need any extra salt when you use it.

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