Gomashio Goma Shio or hiragana
Gomashio (Goma Shio or hiragana)

Gomashio (Goma Shio, hiragana, gomasio) is a dry condiment, similar to furikake, made from unhulled sesame seeds (goma) and salt (shio). It is often used in Japanese cuisine, such as a topping for sekihan. It is also sometimes sprinkled over plain rice or over an onigiri.

The sesame seeds used to make gomashio may be either tan or black in colour. They are toasted before being mixed together with the salt. Occasionally the salt is also toasted. The ratio of sesame seeds to salt varies according to taste and diet, generally ranging between 5:1 (5 parts sesame seeds to 1 part salt) and 15:1. Gomashio is often homemade, though it is also commercially.

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