Elia Kalamatas Ελιά Καλαμάτας (Kalamata olives)

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Elia Kalamatas Ελιά Καλαμάτας

POP/ΠΟΠ Elia Kalamatas Ελιά Καλαμάτας are Greek olives produced from the "KALAMATA" variety of olive in which the dacus oleae is treated by bait-spraying from the ground, using biological methods, or is not treated at all.

Geographical area: the administrative boundaries of the Prefecture of Messinia.

Background: The product is produced solely from olives in the designated geographical zone.

Production method: The olives are picked from the tree by hand when fully ripe and black in colour. The olives are then scored, washed and soaked in brine to ripen. The ready product is distributed in tins filled with extra virgin Kalamata olive oil.

Link: Produced from a variety traditionally cultivated in the area, using traditional processing methods within the boundaries of the geographical area.

Gastronomy: Kalamata olives should be kept for no longer than 180 days at a temperature between 10°C and 16°C. Once the packaging is opened, it is advisable to keep the product in water and salt and consume it within a week.

Reference: The European Commission

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