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Kalamata is an exceptional POP Greek extra virgin olive oil produced from the olives of the Koroneiki and Mastoidis varieties. Olive fly control is by off the ground spraying by organic methods or is not carried out. The oil colour is green-yellow.


The Municipality of Kalamata in the Prefecture of Messinia in the Peleponesse. Mastoidis is grown mainly in the communes of Allagonis, Artemisia, Lada, Karveli, Nedousa and Piges, and Koroneiki mainly in the other communes of the municipality. The oil is given its character by these traditionally grown varieties, the traditional extraction methods used within the delimited zone and the microclimate of the area.


The product has been produced for centuries exclusively from olives grown and processed in the delimited geographical zone.


Pressing of clean olives of the Koroneiki and Mastoidis varieties using standard or centrifugal presses guaranteeing top quality production conditions . The European Commission

A muliti-award winning Kalamata oil, produced by Gaea of Agrinio, can be obtained from branches of Waitrose. It is the first extra virgin olive oil in the world to be certified as being carbon neutral.

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