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Džiugas cheeses

Lithuanian producers and suppliers of Džiugas cheeses, a variety of award winning specialist hard cow's milk cheeses with a variety of maturation periods from 12 months to 36 months.

All of the dairy products used in the manufacture of Džiugas cheeses are sourced from the Baltic region. The cheeses are produced using milk from cows reared exclusively in one of the best preserved natural areas of Europe. The livestock is fed following a precise diet of fodder and vegetable feed, which is reflected in the quality of the milk used.

DŽIUGAS® has a trademark flavour that is easy to recognise at every stage of maturity. The different stages or ages at which it is sold are: ‘mild’ (over 12 months), ‘piquant’ (over 18 months), ‘delicate’ (over 24 months) and ‘gourmet’ (over 36 months old). As the cheese ages and ripens, the quality and flavour is improved and the characteristic taste deepens and develops. The taste is very milky, especially in the 12 months version, but unlike many, these cheeses are full of flavour.

The cheese has a firm rind with an intense aroma. It is of varying shades of yellow and some very crunchy calcium crystals can be detected.

Having sampled a few of these cheeses, I would say they are similar to a high quality Parmesan or St Egwin from the Cotswolds. They are perfect for shaving and grating over pasta and vegetables, enriching sauces and especially for shaving and nibbling. It also makes an excellent table cheese, especially if served with pieces of melon, figs and hazelnuts cheese and goes very well with Shiraz or Cava.

You can find a selection of recipes using Džiugas cheeses in the Džiugas cheese recipes, below.

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