Sous vide fillet steak with chicken liver pate

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Having made some coarse sous vide chicken liver pate, I thought I would use it as a filling for my sous vide fillet steaks.

Sous vide fillet steak with chicken liver pate
Servings:Serves 2
Calories per serving:751
Ready in:15 minutes
Prep. time:15 minutes
Cook time:None
Difficulty:Average difficulty
Recipe author:Chef
First published:20th February 2015

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Easily worth the effort


Delicious and not as hard to make as I thought it would be. Always glad of ideas to use my sous-vide cooker.

The Judge


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Mise en place

  • Preheat the sous vide bath to cook the steaks to your liking:
Cooked Thick Cooking temp. Time (min) Time (max)
25mm 49°C 120.2°F 1 hour 4 hours
Rare 50mm 49°C 120.2°F 2 hours 4 hours
Medium rare 25mm 56.5°C 133.7°F 1 hour 4 hours
Medium rare 50mm 56.5°C 133.7°F 2 hours 4 hours
Medium 25mm 60°C 140°F 1 hour 4 hours
Medium 50mm 60°C 140°F 2 hours 4 hours
Medium well 25mm 65.5°C 149.9°F 1 hour 4 hours
Medium well 50mm 65.5°C 149.9°F 2 hours 4 hours
Well done 25mm 71°C 159.8°F 1 hour 4 hours
Well done 50mm 71°C 159.8°F 2 hours 4 hours


  1. With a sharp knife, carefully make a pocket in each of the fillets buy cutting into the side of the steaks.
  2. Stamp each steak with a meat tenderiser to ensure a really tender steak. Pay special attention to areas where there are membranes.
  3. Pop a tablespoon and a half of pate into each steak.
  4. Close the pockets and press the steaks flat.
  5. Add a teaspoons of butter on the top of each steak.
  6. Put each steak into its own vacuum pack bag and vacuum seal.
  7. Cook the steaks in the sous vide bath set to a temperature to match your preferred doneness. see Chef's notes

Serving suggestions

These go well with anything but as a nod the The Chinese New Year I'm serving these with special fried rice

Chef's notes

Obviously two steaks cannot easily be cooked to different levels of doneness as this is determined by the temperature of the sous vide bath, not by the cooking time, although I've found that an extended cooking time tenderises the meat more.

I've also found that a well done steak cooked sous vide has the same juiciness and mouth feel of a normally cooked rare steak. If you require rare and well done steaks, I would cook them both to medium [60°C for 2 hours]. You won't get any complaints!

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