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Terrine of pork 'Allium Sativum'

There exists confusion between the words pâté and terrine and hopefully the following quotes from Larousse Gastronomique, Montagné, P. (eds. Froud, N. & Turgeon, C.), Hamlyn, London (1976), will clarify the difference between the two.

'Pâté - A pastry case consisting of a bottom, sides and top, containing a filling of meat, fish, vegetables or fruit.

In principle, the word pâté should apply only to meat or fish dishes enclosed in pastry (lining paste, puff pastry, or any other) and baked in the oven.

The term, however, is also used to describe any preparation put into a pie dish lined with rashers (strips) of bacon and baked in the oven. The correct name for this type of dish is terrine, and they should always be referred to as such, but common usage has applied the term pâté to these preparations, which, by the way, are always served cold, whereas the real pâtés can be served hot or cold.'

'Terrine - Earthenware dish in which meat, game and fish are cooked. By extension the word terrine is also used to designate the food itself, for example, Terrine of foie gras, of chicken, etc.'

Try this fabulous terrine recipe, pictured, by JuliaBalbilla. It's wonderful and as a bonus, you get dripping and jelly too!

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