Prosciutto di Norcia (Norcia ham)

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Prosciutto di Norcia

IGP Prosciutto di Norcia is ham made in a small area in central Italy, just east of the ancient city of Spoleto in the region of Umbria. Italy.

The meat used in the production of the ham is obtained from pork legs of the Large White and Landrace breeds and pigs bred from the Italian Duroc boars. There is no geographical limit to the origin of the animals, but the processing of the meat and maturing of the ham have to take place within the designated geographical area.

The final product has a characteristic pear shape and a weight of no less than 8.5 kilograms. When cut, the colour of the slices vary from pink to red.

The practice of conserving pork meat in this region has been known since Roman times. The local population started specialising in livestock farming activities as a result of the prolonged periods of imposed inactivity during the cold season. This practice soon became widespread among the area's inhabitants, who started selling their production in neighbouring areas

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