Poireaux de Créances (Créances leeks)

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Poireaux de Créances

IGP Poireaux de Créances are varieties of leeks derived from Allium porum.

Geographical area: 20 municipalities in the department of Manche on the west coast of the Cotentin peninsula between Cherbourg and Granville, either side of the municipality of Créances

Evidence: Labelling of products and keeping of records of quantities of leeks produced and marketed.

Production method: Deep ploughing to bring fresh sand to the surface to assist transplanting and earthing up, so making the white part of the leek long and tender. Lime is added by sandy soil (harbour 'tangue') from St-Germain-en-Ay and organic material by seaweed collected on the shore.

Link: The link with the geographical origin is based on production charactersitics: the use of typical (sand and loam) soil on the coast, with the traditional addition of locally gathered seaweed and lime from 'tangue' gathered in the harbour of St-Germain-sur-Ay (a municipality in the area).

Background: The reputation of leeks from Créances goes back to the 13th century when market gardening was already practiced there. Leeks are now the main crop.

Reference: The European Commission

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