Mortadella Bologna (Bologna sausage)

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Mortadella Bologna

IGP Mortadella Bologna is an Italian product of pork-butchery, generally oval or cylindrical in shape, made from pigmeat; the sausage casings are natural or synthetic and the product is subjected to prolonged cooking. The product is compact in appearance, of unelastic consistency, with a cut surface of velvety appearance and uniform bright pink colour; in the slice there must be, in a quantity of not less than 15% of the total mass, perlaceous white squares of adipose tissue, possibly joined to muscular fragments. Mortadella Bologna possesses specific chemico-physical organoleptic characteristics in accordance with the relevant production regulations.

Geographical area: the area of production comprises the territory of the following Italian regions or provinces: Emilia-Romagna, Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto, Province of Trento, Marche, Lazio and Tuscany.

Proof of origin: The name mortadella is said to date back to Ancient Roman times; according to some claims it is derived from mortarium (mortar), such a device being used to crush pigmeat, as shown in particular by an engraving on a funeral stone on display at Bologna's Archeological Museum; others, however, claim that the word comes from murtada ("seasoned with myrtle", a plant commonly found in Lazio). Either way, the production of mortadella can be ascribed to an area under Roman influence that extends from Emilia-Romagna to Lazio. It is traditional Bolognese cooking's best-known sausage, with certified historical references dating back to the 16th century. There are also numerous references to the designation in Italian literature in later centuries. More recently, there have been references to the designation in bilateral agreements Italy has signed with France, Germany, Spain and Austria on the protection of indications of provenance, designations of origin and other geographical designations reserved for products originating in Italy.

Method of production: The processing oĆ­ Mortadella Bologna involves the following stages: preparation of the meat constituents, preparation of the bacon strips, mixing, making into sausages, cooking and cooling. Only striated muscle tissue of swine (not of other animals) and high-quality fat from the throat may be used. Sugar and certain additives may be used, but only in small preset quantities. Protein may not be added,

Link: The indisputable link with the traditional territory of production consists in the technical skills of the operatives, in so far as, over a period of time, they have developed production processes that fully comply with established tradition. Mortadella Bologna must be produced in accordance with a much stricter production process-the one used for centuries in the geographical area - than does ordinary mortadella. In some regions mortadella Bologna is simply referred to as Bologna. Within the geographical area the production of mortadella Bologna is evenly distributed between northern and central Italy and Emilia-Romagna.

Reference: The European Commission

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