Indian pickles

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Indian pickles

Indian pickles are a variety of spicy pickled side dishes or condiments popular in the Indian Subcontinent, in Southeast Asia, and in many other areas among ethnically South Asian communities. The pickle serves as a flavour enhancer and is eaten typically in small pieces with the rest of the meal. There are a wide variety of different pickles. Each is usually made with a mixture of fruits or vegetables, chopped and marinated in a liquid (often oil or lemon juice) and a variety of spices (often including lots of chili pepper) and salt. Pickling in India is an ancient art of food preservation. Indian pickles are quite different from the European variety in that the pickling is usually done in oil rather than using vinegar.

All sorts of fruits and vegetables in south Asia are pickled in this manner, including pumpkins, palm hearts, lotus stems, mango slices, limes and rose petals, as well as vegetables more conventionally pickled in the West.

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