Fruity Cajun ham couscous

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Anne loves couscous, me, I'm not so keen, anyway, I Made this for her last night and it was very good. Our local farmer, Jess, had some lovely looking leeks so I tried them instead of the onions I would normally use.

Use the recipe as a base, then add your chosen source of protein.

Fruity Cajun ham couscous
Servings:Serves 2
Calories per serving:858
Ready in:20 minutes
Prep. time:20 minutes
Cook time:None
Difficulty:Average difficulty
Recipe author:Chef
First published:12th January 2020

Best recipe review

The fruit was nice with it


Helps cut rhough fatty pork


Ready for the couscous


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  1. Using a wok or frying pan, saute the leeks, garlic, and peppes for 10 minutes over a medium heat so as not to burn the leeks or garlic.
  2. Stir in the Taste Sensation seasoning and remove from the heat while you prepare the couscous.
  3. Mix the boiling water with the chicken stock cube and add the dried parsley
  4. Pop the couscous in a bowl and pour over the chicken stock and leave for 5 minutes or so, or until the couscous is to your liking. Drain any excess water using a sieve.
  5. Re-heat the pan or wok and stir in the couscous, ham, fruit and nuts.
  6. Serve!

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