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Cocktail sticks used to hold bacon wrapped beef while it is fried; see Transylvanian bandits' meat
Cocktail sticks used to hold a stuffed fillet of pork together whilst it is being trussed in kitchen string

A cocktail stick is a short cylindrical stick, made of wood, that has a point on both ends. It is usually used as a skewer for holding decorations (such as cherries) in cocktails and also for serving food (such as small "cocktail" sausages or diced cheese and pineapple chunks) at parties.

Cocktail sticks are useful in the kitchen to hold stuffed or rolled meats in position whilst they cook. They come in handy for the inexperienced cook to temporarily hold stuffed butterflied meats together whilst they are being trussed with kitchen string.

The best knot to tie kitchen twine single-handedly

After much experimenting, I have discovered the best knot to tie kitchen twine on your own is the Surgeons' knot.

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