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Stock clearance!

In this category you will find recipes for some interesting soups. Some of the recipes might be strange or unusual but hopefully they will give you some ideas and inspiration. Although making soups from scratch can be an arduous task as just making the stock can take many hours, it is worth trying if you have the time as most of it is taken up with cooking rather than actual preparation. It is a good idea to use bottled or filtered water when making them as this reduces the need to skim so much. When you make stock, freeze it in paper or plastic vending machine coffee cups so you have small portion-sized amounts that are convenient to use and easy to find room for in the freezer.

A good cheat is to start off with a good quality tinned soup and tinker with that by adding fresh herbs and vegetables. You will be amazed by the zing that you get from very fresh ingredients.

Stock clearance

As illustrated, turn your stock into wine with this recipe tip for crystal-clear stock from Robin.

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