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Use this guide to judge a sensible serving!

Calories per recipe serving

Cookipedia has developed an automated calorie calculator which works out the calories for each recipe based on the weight of the listed ingredients. We have developed a database that covers most food types using the values given by Google's own calorie values (per 100g).

The recipes total calorie count is then divided by the suggested number of servings to give a value for calories per person.

What foods have the highest calories?

As someone who had not paid much attention to the calorific values of foods, in creating Cookipedia's calorie calculator, I was amazed at the massively high calories of certain foods, namely:

per 100g serving

  • Fatty meats, eg duck & pork: 850+ calories
  • Most oils and fats: 800+ calories
  • Most nuts and seeds: 670+ calories
  • Coconut milk: 620+ calories
  • Creamy/ cheesy sauces, 500+ calories
  • Chocolate, 500+ calories

And bear in mind that 100g is not massive serving. In short, keep off the fatty ingredients and eat much less!

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