Trote del Trentino (Trentino trout)

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Trote del Trentino

IGP Trote del Trentino is a trout from a medium-sized area in the northern part of Italy, situated near the Swiss and Austrian borders.

This area is characterized by a temperate climate with abundant rainfall, frequent snow during the winter months and relatively low temperatures even in the summer. The cold water is low in nutrients, which leads to slow growth of the fish and reduces the fat content of the meat.

Trentino trout has a green back with pink stripes on both sides, a light-coloured belly and black specks. The defining characteristic of this fish is the low fat content of the meat, which cannot be greater than 6%. The fish must be bred and slaughtered within the designated geographical area.

Trout has been farmed in this area since the 19th century, when a fish farming plant was built in the town of Torbole.

Reference: Eat Globe CC BY 4.0

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