Wow - we like the look of these.

Lots of spaces to pour chilli, cheese, butter etc.

Oh, and sea salt!

--Chef 18:34, 20 November 2010 (GMT)

This is the first time I have made them. Discovered them here [1] a year or so ago (I just love their photography!) but it was Seasaltwithfood's recipe with garlic, which actually encouraged me to make them. Be careful when they are raw though - a little difficult to open, so it may be best to add fillings, stuffings etc half way through cooking. Also do not use the more floury varieties of baking potato, eg my belovéd King Edwards, as they will disintegrate. 'Mozart' were fine and a little more unusual because of the red skins. Nigella recommends 'Cara', but I have had an aversion to them since a child, when my mother (incorrectly) thought they were just as good as King Ted's.

I will make them again and top with Parmesan.

Yes, they do look rather bristly :-) --JuliaBalbilla 20:13, 26 December 2010 (GMT)