Sitia Lasithiou Kritis

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Sitia Lasithiou Kritis


POP Sitia Lasithiou Kritis is a Greek extra virgin olive oil of exceptional quality produced from the Koroneiki variety of olive, in which the olive fruit fly is treated by ground-level spraying or by biological methods.

Geographical area

The island of Crete in the administrative boundaries of the villages of Zakros, Paliokastro, Karydio, Roussa, Ekklisia, Katsidonio, Stavromenos, Piskokefalos, Maronia, Papayiannada, Khandra, Armena, Ziro, Agia Triada, Perivolakia, Ag. Georgios, Ag. Fotia, Praissos, Mitatos, Akhladia, Krya, Chrysopiyi, Stavrokhorio, Ag. Stefanos, Pefka, Apidia, Skopi, Hamaizio, ะ•ั…ะพ Mouliana, Mesa Mouliana, Myrsini, Tourloti, Sfaka, Lastro and of the town of Sitia in the province of Sitia in the Prefecture of Lassithi.

Method of production

The product is produced exclusively from olives grown in the designated geographical area, in which the olives are also processed. The clean olives are pressed and processed in traditional or centrifugal olive mills which provide excellent processing conditions.

Geographical Link

This highly reputed oil is produced from a variety traditionally cultivated in the area, which has a favourable micro-climate. It is produced using traditional processing methods within the boundaries of the geographical area.

Reference: The European Commission

ยฉ European Union,

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