Sierra de Segura

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Sierra de Segura


Sierra de Segura is a virgin olive oil from olives of the varieties "Picual", "Verdala", "Royal" and "Manzanillo de Jaén". Colour greenish yellow, with fruity, sweet taste.

Geographical area

13 municipalities in northeastern Jaén province, with olive groves covering 38,819 hectares. Processing takes place in the same area as production.

Method of production

Oil is extracted from clean, healthy, milled olives by means of suitable extraction techniques that do not alter the product characteristics.

Geographical link

District with steep slopes where olive groves often mingle with pines; shallow, erodible soils on higher slopes, and deep, fertile soils in lower areas; high rainfall and variable annual mean temperature. Suitable cultivation, harvesting and production techniques inspected.

Reference: The European Commission

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