Sabina (Sabina olive oil)

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DOP Sabina is an Italian extra virgin olive oil with the following minimum chemical and organoleptic characteristics:

- Acidity: max. 0.7%

- Colour: golden yellow, with greenish tinges when very fresh

- Aroma: fruity

- Flavour: smooth, even, fruity, fragrant, sweet, bitter when very fresh

- Panel test minimum score: >6.50

Other chemical-physical parameters are in conformity with current EU regulations.


The production area of DOP Sabina oil is located within the provinces of Rome and Rieti, including all or part of the administrative areas of the communes northeast of Rome and southwest of Rieti. The entire area lies east of the Tiber River.


The cultivating of olives in this area goes back over 2,000 years. In fact, here in Canneto, in the middle of the Sabina, grows the oldest olive tree in Europe, still alive and healthy. Carbon 14 dating tests proved it to be around 2,000 years old. The finding of olive seeds during the excavating of the ancient town of Sabina di Curas provides tangible evidence of the presence of olive trees since pre-Roman times. The works of the Georgics - Cato, Horace, Columella - mention how the Sabina has been resplendent with olive trees since very ancient times. In addition, the works of Columella also give the first empirical techniques for olive growing. In the Regeste Farfense. kept at the Abbey of Farfa in Sabina, there is a description of the history of olive growing, the beginning of the rational expansion of cultivation, and the periods of decline and recovery of olive growing, connected with the alternating of war and peacetime or with changes in the social conditions of the area.


DOP Sabina extra virgin olive oil is produced from healthy olives, and harvesting begins in the period when the fruits darken. The per hectare yield may not exceed 6,300 Kg/ha for specialised olive-groves, with a maximum oil yield of 25%. The only extraction methods permitted are the physical and mechanical processes suitable for producing oils which preserve as faithfully as possible the particular and original characteristics of the fruit.


The evidence, including photographs, of the use of the DOP Sabina on labels, containers and registered trademarks, along with the first steps for the protection of the designation are contained in the publication (photocopy included with this file) entitled Olivi e olio di Sabina, published by the Elaiopolio Consorziale Sabina, printed by R.E.D.A. in 1949 as part of the "Sagra dell'olio" ("Oil Festival") which took place on September 19, 1949 at the Benedictine Abbey of Farfa. Other documental proof of the use of the DOP Sabina includes the many events celebrating the area's renowned oil production which have been held over the years. Particular mention should be made of the labels for the oil produced in the Sabina area which were exhibited at the Milan Trade Fair in 1926 and the poster for the 1st Sabina Olive Oil Exhibition held on May 31, 1959 in Palombara Sabina.

Reference: The European Commission

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