Pommes de terre de Merville (Merville potatoes)

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Pommes de terre de Merville

IGP Pommes de terre de Merville are French potatoes of the "Bintje" variety showing all its varietal characteristics. They are oblong, regular and medium to large, with a yellow flesh and fine grain and their dry matter content is 20% minimum.

Geographical area : 43 municipalities in the Lys valley around the municipality of Merville.

Evidence of origin : Each consignment delivered to the cooperative is identified. Records of incoming and outgoing stocks are combined with the use of numbered labels.

Acquisition : The crop is grown on a clay loam in the Lys valley, where the rales relating to planting and fertilisation are laid down. Desiccation of the tops of the plants takes place before maturity. Harvesting takes place on full maturity. The potatoes are sorted and kept under specified temperature and hygrometry conditions.

Link : The link with geographical origin is based on:

(1) a characteristic, the high dry matter content, which is particularly linked to the nature of the soil and constraints in production methods. This characteristic is a deciding factor as far as the organoleptic quality of the product is concerned.

(2) the reputation of the product, which has grown from the traders operating in Merville.

Background: Potato production is very old. Since the product's reputation resulted in the name being used incorrectly, a protection association was established in 1962.

Reference: The European Commission

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