Pimientos del Piquillo de Lodosa

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Pimientos del Piquillo de Lodosa

Pimientos del Piquillo belong to the solanaceas family and its scientific name is Capsicum Annuum, L. Those which are DOP Lodosa are produced exclusively in the Lodosa area of Navarra, in northern Spain. It is an annual herbaceous plant which is sold fresh, preserved or for making paprika.

The pepper plant is first sown in seed beds and then transplanted into furrows in the ground in around May. It is constantly watered, fertilised and weeded throughout the spring and summer. Harvesting takes place, by hand, at weekly intervals from mid-September to November. When the peppers arrive at the factory, they are washed and roasted over a naked flame. They are then cored, peeled and de-seeded. With other types of pepper, this process is performed using water - only the Lodosa Piquillo is peeled without using water.

The peppers are sweet, with an intense red colour and are conically shaped. They are between 8 and 10 cm long, with a diameter of 4-6 cm and weigh from 35 to 50 g each. When they are preserved, they are only done so in their own juice - no water or brine is added.

Pimientos del Piquillo de Lodosa are available in the UK from Delicioso.co.uk and ThePaellaCompany.co.uk.

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