Oyster sauce

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Oyster sauce

A "true" oyster sauce of good quality should be made by condensing oyster extracts, which is made by cooking oysters in water until a white broth is produced. The opaque broth is then cooked until a desired viscosity has been reached and the liquid has caramelised to a brown colour. No other additives, not even salt, should be added to the sauce, since the oysters should provide all the savoury flavour. Many oyster sauces are actually diluted solutions thickened with starch, coloured with caramel colouring (E150), with oyster extracts and synthetic preservatives. In some countries, including the UK, the oyster content in some sauces is lower than its Asian counterparts of the same brand due to laws regulating the import of seafood.

Oyster sauce is an essential ingredient for Chinese cookery and is used to enhance the flavour of many savoury foods. It is also often used as a topping for steamed vegetables, and in stir fries.

Keep refrigerated once opened.

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