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Opperdoezer Ronde

Opperdoezer Ronde is a BOB potato from the Netherlands which is yellow/white-fleshed, somewhat irregular in shape, oval to round, deep-eyed tuber with quite a low starch content and a distinctive taste. The potato grows in and around the village of Opperdoes. The geographical area amounts to a total of about 1600 hectares, of which about 1100 hectares are farmland.

The Opperdoezer Ronde has been cultivated in the area since 1860. After the "Ons Belang" auction was founded in 1903, the potato was also offered for sale outside Opperdoes. This resulted in economic prosperity, as a result of which the potato still exists today. The potato derives its distinctive taste from the characteristics of the variety and the light sandy clay soil around the village.

The potato has market gardener Sluis to thank for its existence. More than one and a quarter centuries ago, he cultivated the so called "Negenwekers", early potatoes which could already be harvested nine weeks after planting. One day, he found amongst his "Negenwekers" parcel a stock with a coarse leaf and round tubers. From this stock the legendary Opperdoezer Ronde was created, which has been preserved by the "Ons Belang" auction in Opperdoes. This auction was established in 1903.

At the beginning of May, the first Opperdoezer Ronde under plastic are harvested and auctioned. As time goes by, the potatoes are harvested from the cold ground. At the beginning of September, all Opperdoezer Ronde are out of the ground. The potatoes find their way to the consumer via the auction. The potato is only obtainable in the summer and autumn.

Reference: The European Commission

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