Lenteja de La Armuña

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Lenteja de La Armuña


IGP Lenteja de La Armuña is a Spanish lentil of the "Rubia de la Armuña" variety. Packaged for human consumption. "Extra" and "Class I" categories.

Geographical area

38 municipalities in northern Salamanca province belonging mostly to the natural district of La Armuna.


Lentils of the authorised variety, cultivated on registered holdings; threshing, cleaning and selection under Regulating Body control; packaged in registered factories within the production area.

Method of production

Lentils cultivated in the production area, harvested at a suitable stage of growth, cleaned, selected, classified and packaged at origin.

Geographical link

The soils are brown and red-brown, deep, neutral or slightly alkaline, and fertile, with sufficient calcium and potassium. Continental climate with low rainfall, long, cold winters and short, hot, dry summers, providing a suitable environment for cultivation of this lentil variety characterised by its high protein, calcium and iron content, peculiar to this area.

Reference: The European Commission

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