Lammefjordsgulerod (Lammefjord carrot)

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Lammefjordsgulerod (Lammefjord carrot)

BGB Lammefjordsgulerod is very smooth and crisp carrot with a very low tendency to grey discoloration after washing. It has a relatively high dry matter content and a very high carotene content. The sugar content is relatively high.

Geographical area: The Lammefjordsgulerod comes from the reclaimed area of the Lammefjord, which is physically delimited by the Ringkanal and the Audebo dam. Lammefjord is situated in Odsherred on Zealand, Denmark. The fact that it is grown on the reclaimed seabed of the Lammefjord, which has a layer of silt, is a special condition for the production of the carrot. The carrot is grown in accordance with the rules for the integrated production of field vegetables which are monitored by the Plantedirektoratet (Crops Directorate).

Proof of origin: The Lammefjordsgulerod must be washed and packed by approved washing enterprises on Lammefjord, which is where documentary evidence of origin is kept. One of the conditions imposed on an approved washing enterprise is that records are kept of receipt of carrots from the growing location and there is a clear physical separation of the Lammefjordsgulerod from any other carrots. The Plantedirektorat's IP check is a further check of these conditions.

Method of production: The carrot is grown in accordance with the rules for the integrated production of field vegetables, the objective of which is to guarantee both yield and quality. In plant protection, for example, cultivation measures and biological control measures are preferred to chemicals where possible.

Link: The reclamation of the Lammefjord commenced in 1873. It created exceptionally good agricultural land, given that the former bed of the fjord was mainly silt and therefore rich in nutrients. The nutrients were created by dead plants and animals falling to the seabed over the millennia and becoming silt (in some places over 20 metres deep). The silt contained sand and also clay particles. Large areas of Lammefjord are more or less free of stones and the large numbers of old mussel and oyster shells give a naturally high calcium content.

The former shore zones have sandy soil; the sand has been polished and is smoother and rounder than in classic sandy soils. All the above conditions are of significance for the cultivation of the carrot. The carrots have been cultivated for over 50 years and have won many prizes over the years. Processing after picking, i.e. washing and packing, is done exclusively by approved washing enterprises located in Lammefjord.


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