Konservolia Artas Κονσερβολιά Άρτας (Arta table olive)

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Konservolia Artas Κονσερβολιά Άρτας

PGE/ΠΓΕ Konservolia Artas Κονσερβολιά Άρτας is a Greek table olive of the Konservolia variety for which olive beetle control is achieved, where necessary, by bait-spraying from the ground and biological methods.

Geographical area: The administrative boundaries of the Peta, Komboti, Grammenitsa, Vlama, Sykies, Sellades, Makryniada and Kommeno districts.

Evidence: The product is cropped exclusively from olive trees within, the defined geographical area and also processed within the area.

Method of production: After being picked by hand the olives go to the factories on the same day for quality control and grading by size. They are then placed in 10 tonne plastic tanks filled with salt solution for fermentation. This lasts 20-60 days for green olives and for yellow and black 4-5 months.

Link: The olives are produced from a variety traditionally cultivated in the area and via the application of traditional treatment methods within the defined geographical area.

Gastronomy: The table olive PGE/ΠΓΕ Konservolia Artas Κονσερβολιά Άρτας can be preserved for long periods if maintained closed in its container. Once opened, it should be consumed within a few days, making sure to keep the olives immersed in the packaging liquid, at a cool temperature and away from direct light. It is served with aperitifs, in salads and in many other gastronomic preparations.

Reference: The European Commission

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