How to prepare grape leaves

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Grape leaf

How to prepare fresh grape leaves

Although you can of course buy canned or bottled grape leaves fairly easily, if you have a grape vine at home, why not use that?

Ideally, the new spring growth is best; however, if you prune the vine and cut some of the shoots back, in two weeks you will have fresh growth, ideal for stuffing with rice and other delicious goodies. Never use leaves that have been sprayed with insecticides.

Pick the leaves, remove the stems and also any large veins with a sharp knife, blanch until soft in fast boiling water, for a few minutes if very fresh, or longer if they are older. Pat them dry on a towel and then use them in your recipe.


Freeze them (when they are cool) from the last stage above by layering one by one in between appropriately cut-to-size pieces of greaseproof paper, so that they can be separated when frozen, and then store in a sealed plastic bag.

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