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A cartouche, fashioned from grease-proof paper

Usually manufactured from unbleached paper and supplied on long cardboard rolls, grease-proof paper (also grease proof paper, greaseproof paperor baking paper) has a wide variety of uses in the kitchen. It is ideal for wrapping food and is suitable for use in fridges, freezers, conventional and combination and microwave ovens. It can be used to line cake tins and baking trays - grease lightly before using in the oven, to wrap foods for packed lunches and picnics and to wrap fatty foods such as butter, cheese, smoked fish and cold meats.

Use greaseproof paper to make jam pot covers and lids and for separating food into individual portions for freezing.

A cartouche is usually fashioned from grease-proof paper.

Tip: to make a lining for the base of a cake tin, before you pour in the mixture put the tin (upright or upside down) on a piece of grease-proof paper which you've torn off from the roll and is slightly bigger than the size you need. Draw round with a pencil (be aware that this then comes into contact with your food, so use something else if you are worried about that) and then cut out with kitchen scissors. If you're really confident, miss out the stage with the pencil and cut with the tip of a very sharp knife. (But do this on a chopping board and not the worktop or kitchen/dinner table!!)

To do the sides of cake tin, hold the edge of the tin against the side of the paper and mark with pencil/cut with knife. Either do two 2 or 3 short ones and overlap them, or go in the same direction as the paper roll to get the length you need.

Shiny side or not?

There have been some questions as to which side of greaseproof paper should go against the food. The shiny side is probably the treated side, therefore the more greaseproof so should go against the food. I cannot find a definitive answer for this. It seems to ne more relavent to baking paper which may be from where the confusion originates.

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