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Garbanzo de Fuentesaúco


IGP Garbanzo de Fuentesaúco is the seed of Cicer Arietinum L chickpeas, of the macrocarpum variety, ecotype Fuentesaúco, which will be marketed as dry packaged vegetables.

These Spanish seeds will have a pronounced, curved beak and be cream-coloured or a dull shade of yellow/white/ chestnut, with a moderately rough, unspeckled skin. The weight of 100 chickpeas after processing will be between 40 and 50 grams.

Absorption of distilled water over ten hours at 25 °C will be greater than 100 %.

After cooking, the chickpeas will have buttery albumen and a soft skin and will be only slightly grainy.

At least 85 % of the chickpeas will remain whole with the skin still attached.

They always have a pleasant taste.

Geographical area

The chickpeas will be produced exclusively in the following municipalities of the Province of Zamora: Argujillo, La Bóveda de Toro, Cañizal, Castrillo de la Guareña, El Cubo de Tierra del Vino, Cuelgamures, Fuentelapeña, Fuentesaúco, Fuentespreadas, Gema, Guarrate, El Maderal, El Pego, El Piñero, San Miguel de la Ribera, Santa Clara de Avedillo, Sanzoles, Vadillo de la Guareña, Vallesa, Villabuena del Puente, Villaescusa and Villamor de los Escuderos.

This agricultural production zone covers an area of 687 square kilometres.

Method of production

The chickpeas will be grown in parcels registered with the Regulatory Council. The parcels will have deep, well-drained soils with a loamy or loamy/sandy texture, an acid or slightly alkaline pH, low to medium levels of assimilable calcium, a low carbon/nitrogen ratio and no or very low salinity. The chickpeas will be grown using a rotation system; they will not be grown on the same parcel in consecutive years. No organic fertiliser will be used during the chickpea growing cycle. The chickpeas will be harvested when the plants and weeds on the parcel are totally dry. They will be stored in a dry place away from direct sunlight. Chickpeas with different characteristics will be kept separate at all times.

The chickpeas will undergo cleaning, removal of foreign matter, selection, grading and packaging in the registered packaging plants.

The dry chickpeas will be marketed in packaged form, bearing the Regulatory Council's back label, before September of the following year.


Some historical references to Garbanzo de Fuentesaúco:

  • Municipal by-laws of Fuentesaúco of 1569
  • The Count of la Fuente de Saúco gave them as a gift to Francisco de Quevedo y Villegas
  • They received a prize at the Agricultural Exhibition in Madrid in 1857 and the Diploma of Honour

at the General Exhibition in Seville in the early 20th century

Some literary references to Garbanzo de Fuentesaúco:

  • Catastro by Marqués de la Ensenada, 1752
  • Diccionario estadístico by Madoz, 1845
  • Episodios Nacionales by Benito Pérez Galdós
  • Judíos, moros y cristianos by Camilo José Cela

The characteristics of Garbanzo de Fuentesaúco are linked to the soil and climatic conditions in the production area and to the ecotype grown.

Winters in the production area are long and cold, with frequent frosts, which aids natural control of the pests and diseases affecting chickpeas. Rainfall is slight during the growing and ripening period and the plant must use the moisture in the soil.

The soil is deep and well-drained, with an acid or slightly alkaline pH, low to medium levels of calcium, a low carbon/nitrogen ratio and no or very low salinity. These soil conditions, in particular the low levels of calcium, are responsible for the fineness of the chickpeas' skin and their high capacity to absorb water.

For generations, farmers have selected the best chickpeas, creating the Fuentesaúco ecotype, a plant material perfectly suited to the area's conditions.

The cultivation methods used by farmers are designed to produce chickpeas with specific organoleptic characteristics. Chickpeas with different characteristics are kept separate to ensure uniformity.

Reference: The European Commission

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