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Fish fumet

What is fumet

In cookery, this name is given to a number of different liquids which are used to flavour or add body to stocks and sauces. Fumets are prepared by boiling foodstuffs of one kind or another in stock or wine. They should not be confused with essences, extracts or concentrates.

Chicken fumet is a kind of chicken soup, made by boiling down very considerably a chicken stock which has been prepared in the usual way. It is used to add flavour to various poultry dishes which are served with a sauce.

Fish fumet is used to add flavour to various fish dishes which are served with a sauce. It can also be made with red wine.

  • Add 125g finely chopped onions, 150g pared mushrooms, a bouquet garni and 10 drops of lemon juice to a stockpot.
  • Cover with 2.5 kilos fish bones and trimmings.
  • Add 10g salt, 2.5 litres water and 500ml white wine.
  • Bring to the boil, skim and simmer gently for 30 minutes.
  • Strain through muslin or a fine sieve.

Game fumet is a game stock (made with the carcasses and trimmings of different game) which is reduced to a more or less concentrated consistency, according to the flavour desired.

Truffle fumet is used to enhance the flavour of certain sauces and is made by boiling down almost to nothing, a stock made by simmering truffle peelings in Madeira or any other fortified wine. This stock is usually made when the truffles themselves are being used for some other purpose.

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