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Some of the containers in the El Bullí texturas range are up to 600g - larger than you might first think!

About El Bullí Texturas

El Bulli for you: restaurant sells its secrets to the masses, wrote Susie Mesure of The Independent back in 2007. This was to announce that the owners of the world famous restaurant Ferran and Albert Adrià were about to launch a range of food additives, derived from natural ingredients which they used in their own cuisine, to the catering trade in the UK. Fortunately the range, which was created by El Bullí Taller (their laboratory in Barcelona) is now available to the general public so that we can experience the delights of molecular gastronomy in our own homes. At present, the additives available are as follows:

  • Agar - Agar, which is fine powder produced from red algae (of the Gelidium and Gracilaria genera), that can be mixed into cold liquids and heated to produce a gelling effect. Its gelling properties are lost if mixed with acidic ingredients. Available in 500g tubs.
  • Algin - This is sodium alginate which is extracted from different species of brown algae, growing in the cold waters of all regions in the world. This is an essential element for the correct procedure of the spherification process. It is a refined powder which gels when it comes in contact with Calcic (calcium chloride). It dilutes while cold with strong agitation and comes in tubs of 500g.
  • Calcic - is calcium chloride which is used in the food industry in the making of some cheeses and is one of the essential ingredients of the spherification process. It has an excellent moisture absorption capacity and is used in combination with Algin (sodium alginate). It is sold on 600g tubs.
  • Citras - Sodium citrate, which is used in spherification to produce caviars, ravioles, balloons, gnocchi, pellets, mini-spheres etc, especially when the ingredients used have an excessive acidity level. Available in 600g tubs.
  • Crumiel - Crystalised honey flakes, made from 60% honey, sodium alginate and maltodextrin. Use where honey or any other sweetener is required, to give a crunchy texture to the dish. It can also be used on its own to make decorative shards. Available in 400g tubs.
  • Fizzy - Contains sugar, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid (E330) and glucose. You bathe them whole in chocolate or caramel, or grind them into a powder and mix them with other ingredients, such as fruit or sorbets. It has a neutral flavour with a hint of citrus, which allows it to be combined with any number of flavours and ingredients. Available in 300g tubs.
  • Gellan - Gellan gum is used for gelification and is a gelling agent that is perfect for creating firm textured gels, which retain their shape when sliced. Comes in 400g tubs.
  • Glice - Mono and diglycerides is an extremely stable emulsifier, and should be diluted in a oily substance before being added to a liquid, in order to bring the two together. Insoluble in water, Glice can be dissolved in oily substances at 60°C and can be used to make oil foams. Sold as 300g tubs.
  • Gluco- Made from calcium gluconolactate and is used to create spherical culinary effects, without adding any flavour or taste to your finished recipe. Available in 600g tubs.
  • Iota - Carrageenan (Iota), a seaweed extract which can be used to create softly elastic gels and jellies. Iota should be dissolved in cold liquid before being heated to 80°C, at which temperature it will gelify. Comes in 500g tubs
  • Kappa - Carrageenan (Kappa) is a gelling agent made using dried seaweeds, which can be used to create firm, non-elastic gels. Gels made using it will begin to disintegrate at temperatures above 60°C. It should be dissolved cold, and the solution brought to a simmer. The solution can then by poured over a recipe to create a shell effect. Sold as 400g tubs.
  • Lecite - This is soy lecithin, an emulsifier, which can be dissolved in cold water, but loses its properties when mixed with oil. Available in 300g tubs.
  • Malto - Based on tapioca maltodextrin, a carbohydrate obtained from cornflour molecules, in this case those of tapioca, which have been broken down. It is used as a bulking agent, but can also absorb oils to make oil powders. Sold in 1kg tubs. Please note that this does not appear to be currently available in the UK
  • Metil - Methylcellulose which is a gelifying agent that is produced using vegetable cellulose. It gelifies when it comes into contact with heat, and, when in contact with cold, it produces a relaxing effect. Comes in tubs of 300g.
  • Sparkys - Popping candy (Sugar, lactose, glucose, carbon dioxide E290) aka poprocks and crackle crystals these carbonated sugar crystals are coated in cocoa butter. They explode in the mouth and give an amazing dimension to many dishes. Neutral in flavour they offer that something different to everything from canapés to petit fours. Sold in tubs containing 2 x 105g bags.
  • Sucro - Made from saccharose (Sucrose fatty acid ester E473), Sucro is a very effective emulsifier which is very popular in Japanese cooking. It is extremely stable and adds airy lightness to recipes. Insoluble in oily substances, it should be diluted in water or a solution made with water, before being slowly added to an oily substance where it will emulsify. Available in 600g tubs.
  • Trisol - Wheat dextrin is a soluble fibre derived from wheat and is particularly recommended for the preparation of frying batter and tempura, resulting in a crunchy, not at all oily, texture. It is also perfect as a sugar substitute in the mass production of biscuits or cakes. Comes in 4kg tubs.
  • Xantana - Xanthan gum allows you to thicken soups, sauces and creams using only a very small amount of the product, and without changing the flavour of your recipe. It is made by fermenting cornflour, and is extremely efficient as a thickener, helping to suspend particles in liquid. Sold in tubs of 600g.
  • Yopol - Hydrogenated vegetable oil, modified starch, milk proteins (contains lactose), sugar and citric acid (E330) are combined to make this yogurt powder. It brings a unique flavour to all preparations where it is difficult to use fresh yogurt. With Yopol you can prepare mixtures with sweets and crunchies, biscuits and other doughs. You can also make yogurt crunchies or fruit with yogurt. Available in tubs of 400g.

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