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This wiki cheese category page contains detailed information and photographs of cheeses produced in the Spanish region of Murcia.

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The Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia is one of Spain's seventeen autonomous communities. It is located in the southeast of the country, between Andalusia and Valencian Community, on the Mediterranean coast. The autonomous community consists of a single province (region), unlike most autonomous communities, which have several provinces within the same region. The region is a major producer of fruits, vegetables, and flowers for Spain and the rest of Europe. Excellent wineries have developed near the towns of Bullas, Yecla, and Jumilla, as well as olive oil near Moratalla. Murcia is mainly a warm region which has made it very suitable for agriculture. However the precipitation level is low and water supply is a hot subject today since, in addition to the traditional water demand for crops, there is now also a demand of water for the booming tourist developments which take advantage of the mild weather and beaches.

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