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Jamon Iberico; ham from Wild Black Iberian pigs

This wiki cheese category page contains detailed information and photographs of cheeses produced in the Spanish region of Extremadura.

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Extremadura is an autonomous community of western Spain whose capital city is Mérida. Its component provinces are Cáceres and Badajoz. It is bordered by Portugal to the west. Wild Black Iberian pigs roam in the area and consume acorns from oak groves. These pigs are caught and used for the cured ham dish jamón ibérico. The higher the percentage of acorns eaten by the pigs, the more valuable (and expensive) the ham. Iberian Ham that can boast an acorn-fed average of 90%+ (of the pigs' diet) can be sold for more than twice as much as ham whose pigs ate on average less than 70% of acorns, for example.

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