Calasparra rice

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Calasparra rice

Description: A Spanish PDO rice of varieties traditionally grown in the region: "Bomba" and "Balilla" x "Sollana". Classed as "Extra" and "Class I".

Geographical area: Land in the municipalities of Calasparra and Moratalla in Murcia, and Hellin in Albacete, on the banks of the rivers Segura and Mundo.

Evidence: Rice produced on qualifying and duly registered land within the production area, processed, packaged and labelled in registered factories within the production area.

Method of production: Rice of authorised varieties, grown under set conditions, carefully harvested, cleaned, selected and packaged at origin.

Link: The production area on alluvial land between the rivers Segura and Mundo, the quality of the irrigation water, the altitude of the area, and the relatively cold climate give the white and brown rice produced here a strong local character.

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