Broccoli do the supermarkets have us stumped

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80g of stump on a 280g piece of broccoli - can this be beaten?

Broccoli; the supermarkets up to their sly tricks again

It was in Morrisons, about 8 months ago that I first noticed that the size of the stump on our broccoli had started to increase to ridiculous lengths. A nice sly way to increase their profits in these impoverished times. No one in my local branch was willing to comment and Head Office, not for the first time, has not bothered to reply to my enquires.

I see that Sainsburys have now jumped on the bandwagon, the piece above bought yesterday from Sainsburys weighed 280 grams, the stump portion being 80 grams, almost a third of the weight!

Follow up

Now the stems are left so long it makes it really easy to snap the stem off by hand. A couple of months after Morrisons began this trickery it's heartening to see the broccoli tray full of snapped off broccoli stems!

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Beware, the Basics range can be much more expensive than the individual florets:


Morrisons and Sainsburys seem to have at last reversed this scam. The broccoli stumps have returned their normal size in both stores and remained thus for a month now. I will be watching you closely incase you change your minds again. --Jerry, aka Chef 09:20, 5 March 2013 (UTC)

A leopard does not change its spots.! A recent visit to Morrisons showed broccoli with huge stumps larger than the florets, again. --Jerry, aka Chef (talk) 10:26, 1st May 2015 (GMT)

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