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Description: DOP Spanish virgin olive oil from olives of the varieties "Picudo or Carrasqueño de Cordoba", "Lechin", "Chorrúoor Jardúo", "Pajarero", "Hojiblanco" and "Picual". Pleasant, sweet, almondy taste.

Geographical area: Municipalities of Baena, Doña Mencía, Luque, Nueva Carteya and Zuheros, in southeastern Córdoba province.

Evidence: Oil is extracted from authorised varieties of olive harvested from registered groves and is bottled in registered factories under Regulating Body control. The bottles bear the guarantee label issued by the Regulating Body.

Method of production: Oil is extracted from clean, healthy olives by means of suitable extraction techniques that do not alter the product characteristics.

Link: Limy brown soils, silty in texture, from Triassic marls. Temperate, continental climate.

Cultivation, harvesting and production (by stripping, beating and shaking) inspected.

Reference: The European Commission

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